13006071FM.jpgGrasses: solitary or in a group?

A number of grasses are perfectly suited to be planted as solitary grass. These grasses are true eye-catchers in a (garden) border or in the lawn, along the pond or in between a group of different varieties of plants. Specifically the higher grasses often grow into impressive tussocks, where the ears elegantly protrude. Many varieties will have a beautiful autumn colour and will also be pleasing to the eye in the winter. When selecting to plant a grass species as a solitary, you will be ensured of an impressive sight for many years!

14000816PL.jpgOther grass varieties thrive better in a group. These varieties would not attract attention if they would be planted as a solitary plant in the garden. However, if several of the grasses are planted together, they ensure a beautiful view. The choice to use a grass as solitary grass or specifically for grass planted in a group, naturally depends on the available space and last but not least, it remains a matter of taste.

DSC_0003.JPGGround cover plants
Ground cover plants are plants which grow fairly quickly: they cover a certain area relatively quickly. In fact, they replace the lawn or pavement. Ground cover plants usually grown in a horizontal direction and require little maintenance.

However, in the beginning it is advised to remove weeds in between the not yet fully grown plants. After this initial period, this will no longer be required!

Several ornamental grasses are well-suited as ground cover plants. Like the Imperata, some off the Carex species and the Festuca.

Ornamental grasses in a pottoepassingen (4).JPG
Various ornamental grasses are suited to be placed in pots in the garden or on the terrace. Thanks to their different manners of growing and leaf colours, numerous combinations can be created to cheer up the terrace. Playing with different varieties in pots can result in surprising effects.

An additional advantage of ornamental grasses in pots is that they – contrary to many one-year plants - require only little care. Moreover a number of grasses is evergreen and therefore provide colour on the terrace in the winter as well. However keep in mind that many plants in pots like to have protection in severe frost. This protection you can give, for example, by packing the pot in an old blanket or bubble plastic.